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The thought of going global can be intimidating for any company, as there are many challenges that should be accounted for and meticulously planned for in order to put together a successful market entry strategy.

However, global business is also very rewarding, the market is vast with opportunities to help your company grow and expand your footprint when done properly; and for medical devices, vendors may encounter many barriers to market entry, form regulatory to finding the right channel to help establish the brand, etc. 

At Epyone, our aim is to provide vendors with a multilevel analysis of the regions targeted and deliver the vendors the necessary information to ensure that their solutions fit the needs of the Healthcare providers. This will save you time an avoid unnecessary expansion mistakes that could be costly in the short and long term.

We combine our expertise in  international business strategy with our in-depth knowledge of the global healthcare landscape to develop market-entry and go-to-market strategies tailored for each customer or segment.


  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Target Markets

  • Barriers

  • Sales Cycle

  • Cultural Adaptibility

  • Competitive Advantage and Positioning

  • KOLs and Influencers 

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